• Former Governor Kim Moon Soo presents DFF President Suzanne Scholte Award at the Truth Forum in Seoul
  • Free North Korea Radio staff with DFF President Suzanne Scholte
  • Delivering Petition to PRC Embassy on Save North Korean Refugees Day
  • CSIS Hosts NKFW Panel Session on How North Korean Women Created the Free Market System
  • North Korea Freedom Week delegation at the White House
  • North Korea Freedom Week delegation with our Japanese Colleagues
  • Delivering a petition calling for Morocco's Withdrawal from Western Sahara
  • North Korea Freedom Week Opening Ceremony at the Korean National Assembly
  • Delivering Petition to Chinese Embassy with KIM Tae Hoon to Save North Korean Refugees
  • Sending Rice Bottles to North Korea During North Korea Freedom Week
  • Suzanne with Nelson Mandela's Grandson at Western Sahara Solidarity Conference Algiers
  • Suzanne Scholte and soldier of the North Korea People's Liberation Front at NKFW Wreath Laying Ceremony
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  • DFF Chairman Ambassador J. William Middendorf II with former President Ronald Reagan
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  • Sahrawi Republican President, the late Mohamed Abdelaziz, with DFF President Suzanne Scholte at the Western Sahara conference in Algiers
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  • DFF is Proud to Chair the North Korea Freedom Coalition
  • Scholte accepts Seoul Peace Prize from Chul Seung Lee
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  • Suzanne Scholte and Kim Seong Min preparing to broadcast to North Korea on Free North Korea Radio
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  • DFF President Suzanne Scholte hugs wife of man abducted by North Korea during the Korean War at North Korea Freedom Week in Seoul
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  • DFF President Suzanne Scholte, Moon Gook Han and Choi Sung-yong prepare to send another balloon filled with pamphlets and money to North Korea at Freedom Bridge near the DMZ.
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  • South Korean Ambassador Y.J. Choi Presents Suzanne Scholte with the Sunghye Diplomatic Service Medal
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  • Protesting Against Morocco's Illegal Occupation Western Sahara at the Moroccan Embassy in Washington, D.C.
  • DFF President Suzanne Scholte at Sahrawi Refugee Camp, Algeria
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  • During DFF's Capitol Hill Forum, Kim Seong Min shows the North Korean cell phone that Free North Korea Radio's contacts smuggled out of North Korea
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Coming Events - Updates - Important Information


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