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Activities from 12th Annual North Korea Freedom Week

     Video: Heritage Foundation "Maintaining Focus on North Korea Human Rights Violations," April 28

    Fox News Article: North Korean diplomats storm out of UN after spat with defectorsApril 30


Click here for Suzanne's Appearance on the John Batchelor Show

     Regarding Modern Day Slavery involving DPRK, February 25, 2015 ... Begins at marker 10:45


DFF Forum: "Urgent National Security Challenges Facing America," Ambassador John Bolton, February 13, 2015

          ~transcript (coming soon)


5th International Conference of Algiers "The Right of Peoples to Resistance: the case of the Saharawi People " Algiers, 13 & 14 December 2014

Sign Petition for Western Sahara Appeal for Release of Sahrawi Prisoners!

Arirang News: “Turning blind eye on North Korea human rights issue is acting like Sewol-ho ferry captain”

DFF Forum: "Justice for Africa's Last Colony:The Struggle for Human Rights and Self-Determination in Western Sahara," Aminatou Haidar



DFF Forum: The Threat from China, Bill Gertz

North Korea: UN Commission documents wide-ranging and ongoing crimes against humanity, urges referral to ICC


DFF Forum: Death by China: Exposing the Cost of China’s Cyber Assault Against America, Professor Greg Autry


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An informational presentation regarding the situation of the Sahrawi people.

Length: 0:04:17